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The Devil's Island Postcard, Flamingo Hotel 1952

Devil’s Island Blog

For over 70 years, the Simms Family has called Las Vegas home. We love the stories and tales of the city’s notorious past and excited for its future. We started in a city that had a hundred thousand people to almost 3 million.

Chester is correct, you can’t leave Devil’s Island. Once this city gets into your veins, it is there forever. You always come back. We’ve curated Las Vegas stories into articles for you to view and learn about the history of Las Vegas and the Simms family.


Letter to the Editor

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2001 LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL To the editor: In 1964, I was one of the attendees at the Beatles concert here.  How I happened to be there was similar to how I ended up at many headliner shows, such as Bobby Darin, Bill Cosby, Jack Jones,...

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Shootout at the Simms Las Vegas Home

Shootout at the Simms Las Vegas Home

On February 6, 1970, a burglar entered the Simms home in Las Vegas while they were away on vacation. When he entered, instead of a vacant home, he found police waiting for him! We collected all of the newspaper articles of this amazing story of the Simms Family and Las Vegas history for your reading.

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