Chester Simms and Elvis Presley

Star Celebration: A Dedication to Chester Simms

On May 10, 2006, Chester Simms name was placed on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Appropiately, it was placed in front of the Flamingo on the Strip.

We were honored by this selection and would especially like to thank Phyllis McGuire and Robert Maheu for their enthusiastic support within the Las Vegas Walk of Stars nomination committee. They each knew and interacted with Chester during his career in Las Vegas.

Our friend Lee Haney also spent many hours helping secure Chester’s recognition as a pioneer of the Las Vegas gaming industry.

We are so very proud.

Below are videos and media of the event. To learn more about Chester Simms, read his entire bio here.


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Douglas Simms Speech

Cocktails With Chester

Phoebe’s Video of the Party

Chester Stories

Musso’s Dead – Douglas Simms

Fishing ‘N Poker – Douglas Simms

Andrew Chester – Vincent Farachi