Star Celebration

by Staff

On January 19, 2005, Chester was named to the list of Stars to be on the Las Vegas Strip.

We were honored by this selection and would especially like to thank Phyllis McGuire and Robert Maheu for their enthusiastic support within the Las Vegas Walk of Stars nomination committee. They each knew and interacted with Chester during his career in Las Vegas.

Our friend Lee Haney also spent many hours helping secure Chester’s recognition as a pioneer of the Las Vegas gaming industry.

Due to planned sidewalk renovations at both the Flamingo and Harrah’s during the next 12 months, the exact date cannot be determined at this time. It is very important to The SIMMS Foundation that the Star be located in front of the Fabulous Flamingo. It could be nowhere else!

We are so excited about this event. Please keep in contact with website for updates. We will, however, send a save the date reminder to everyone on our mailing list in plenty of time.

We would love to have as many of those people that Chester touched join the celebration.

We are so very proud.

December 6, 2005

       We have a date for the dedication . . . .      MAY 6, 2006.

       SAVE IT for the Dedication and Derby Party.

       More to follow.

       Check for updates.

Front row: Kay Lawrence, Douglas E. Simms, Norma Carideo
Back row: Mary Azara, Jackie Bell


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