Vegas PBS

The Simms Foundation is proud to provide funding for local public broadcasting on Vegas PBS Channel 10. Below are the shows we sponsor in part to maintain their programming in our area. We hope to maintain a long-term commitment to Public Television in Southern Nevada.


Chester Simms and Elvis Presley
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Vegas PBS Programs Supported In Part by the Simms Foundation

America’s Test Kitchen

Firing Line

Lidia’s Kitchen

Rick Steves’ Europe

This Old House

Thanks for Everything!

The Simms Foundation Salutes These Notable Pillars of the Las Vegas Community

Aldo Barozzi

Raised in Las Vegas, Al’s 25 dedicated years with the Las Vegas Valley Water District helped ensure our very precious water supply.

Dr. Charles W. Peterson

Bill practiced dentistry for 42 years. First in the Navy, then Utah, California, and ending with 31 years in the Las Vegas valley.

Chris Corbin

In 1950, he moved his family west to open the Desert Inn hotel. Corbin’s successful career from dealer to casino manager spanned three decades.

Chuck Minker

Chuck was a walking sports almanic and quickly found a home as a local boxing judge. He became the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission.


Edward Mike Davis

His “bet it all” approach to investments soon brought him to Las Vegas. He always called Las Vegas his home.

James Pederson

Jim taught Las Vegas to dance. First with Arthur Murray, and then to an elite list of private clients.

Rose & Pop

The Simms Foundation believes communication is critical to all of us. We especially appreciate how important signing is to the deaf, their friends and their families.

Steve Delmont

Steve headed to Las Vegas in the 60’s. His days at the Flamingo, Barbary Coast, and South Point were marked by such famous restaurants as “The Candlelight Room” and “Michaels”.

Ted Wiens

The World War II fighter pilot stayed in Las Vegas pumping gas, then leasing his intial Texaco station. Ted’s service you can trust grew county-wide.

Tom Poulis

Originally from St. Louis, Tommy became one of the best hosts in Las Vegas. First at the Golden Steer, then Caesars, and back to the ‘Steer.

William Terry

A cornerstone of the Las Vegas legal community, he seemed to understand that sometimes things happen.

Edward Karstedt Simms

Saved from a shorter life, Eddie was both a magnificent beast and a gift to home security. God bless you Edward.