FIT/Galanos Event

by Douglas Simms

All we wanted was a cocktail party showing Marie’s Galanos collection.

We got an entire semester!

FIT offered to use Marie’s 50’s,60’s Galanos collection as inspiration for the 2008 Spring semester.  They would be delivered to FIT in February and the students of Fashion Design 212 would be given access to the collection.

James Galanos, intrigued with the idea, agreed to appear at the May 7 awards ceremony.  His only request was that his work be presented on live professional models.

Click on the videos and photo galleries below to see the project in its many phases. Please join us in the Celebration.




Douglas Simms

John Corbin

George Couch

James Galanos

Kay Lawrence

Phoebe Legere

George Simonton

Steve Stipelman

Ted Wiens

The Show

Doug’s Speech

After Party

Red Carpet Gallery

Show Stills Gallery

After Party Gallery


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