The Simms Foundation

The Simms Family

The Simms Family, Las Vegas c. 1957.
Chester, Dawn, Marie, and Douglas Simms

Striving to Promote the Common Good

The Simms Foundation was formed in 2000 to share the philanthropic passions of this longtime Nevada family with the Southern Nevada community.

Of particular importance is our passion to reach out directly to newly diagnosed Head and Neck Cancer patients. Douglas Simms, President of the Simms Foundation and long-time cancer survivor, walks people through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Our Head and Neck cancer Brothers and Sisters have a place to call with questions anbout their journey that their doctors may have not personally experienced.

Through Methodist Hospital of Houston, Texas, we have a commitment to the excellence of the Nucler Medicine Department, directed by Dr. Brian Butler, which provides cutting edge research and treatment. God Bless Them!

Fighting Cancer: You Are Not Alone

At the heart of the Simms Foundation lies a profound commitment to advancing cancer research and providing crucial support to individuals courageously battling this formidable adversary. The foundation’s unwavering dedication is epitomized by its President, Douglas Simms, a resilient 25-year cancer survivor. Douglas’s personal journey through the challenges of cancer has not only fueled his determination to overcome the disease but has also transformed him into a passionate advocate for those confronting Head and Neck cancers, as well as individuals grappling with various forms of cancer.

The Simms Family

Douglas Simms, President of The Simms Foundation and Cancer Survivor

Why Donate to the Simms Foundation?

The Simms Foundation supports many organizations and education institutes through financial gifts. Click on any cause below to learn more.

The Simms Foundation holds a deep-seated love for animals and is wholeheartedly dedicated to championing the cause of animal rescues and animal rights.

The Simms Foundation firmly believes that children are the future, and as such, we are dedicated to supporting numerous charities and initiatives focused on aiding children in need.

At the heart of the Simms Foundation lies our core tenet: "Striving to Promote the Common Good." It's a guiding principle that propels us to make a positive impact in the Las Vegas community and beyond.

The Simms Foundation has established enduring scholarships as a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Chester, Marie, and Dawn Marie Simms.

The Simms Foundation takes great pride in its unwavering commitment to supporting law enforcement.

The Simms Foundation stands firmly behind the hospitals and clinics that hold a special place in our hearts, owing to their personal connection with the issues they address.

About The Simms Family

Chester Simms and Elvis Presley

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Chester Simms

A Las Vegas casino pioneer. Learn more about Chester and his life.

Marie Bohlman Simms

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Marie Simms

The Las Vegas matriarch of mid century fashion. Learn more about Marie Simms.

Dawn Marie Simms

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Dawn Marie Simms

An accomplished chef, master gardener, and woman’s rights advocate,  learn more about Dawn Marie Simms.

The Simms Family Special Events

Douglas Simms and the models from the Galanos Event 2008

FIT/Galanos Event

Marie Simms only wore the best fashion clothing. Experience the event where her clothing was used in a fashion show.

Star Celebration: A Tribute to Chester Simms

Experience the party and dedication of Chester’s star on the strip.

Dawn Marie Simms cooking up a storm

Dawn's Garden

Dawn Marie Simms was a master gardener. Their childhood elementary school planted one in her honor.