Chester Simms

Since 1951

Striving to Promote the Common Good

The Simms Foundation was founded over 20 years ago by Douglas Simms to focus on raising awarness and supporting medical research for oral and head and neck cancer. A cancer Doug fought for nearly 5 years.

In addition, the foundation provides scholarships, supports public television programming, animal rights and other causes in Las Vegas.

The Simms family has been a part of the Las Vegas community since 1951 when Doug’s father, Chester Simms, took over running the casino at the Flamingo. This city never sleeps, and we won’t until cancer is defeated.

Las Vegas

Supporting the Community

Cancer Center

You are not alone. Whether you have cancer or a loved one, the Simms Foundation is here to help.


We have established scholarships in memorial of Chester, Marie and Dawn Marie Simms to support students with hearing and speech disabilities.

Nevada Public Radio and Vegas PBS

We believe in the quality of independent journalism and support programming on Vegas PBS and Nevada Public Radio.

Animal Rights

We strongly support animal rights and holding individuals accountable when an animal is harmed.

Thanks for Everything!

Dawn Marie Simms

An accomplished chef, master gardener, and woman’s rights advocate,  learn more about Dawn Marie Simms.

Dawn Marie Simms

The Simms Family

Family Recipes, Horse Racing, Martinis, Good Times.

Chester Simms at Saratoga c. 1931

Chester's Derby Picks

Chester Simms loved to play the ponies at the track. Every year, we place our bets in his honor at the Kentucky Derby. Check out his picks and see how we did.

Simms Foundation Events

View upcoming and past events by the Simms Foundation.

Dawn Marie Simms cooking up a storm

Dawn's Kitchen

Dawn Marie was a very accomplished chef. Luckily for us, we have archives of all or her receipes here!