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Dawn’s Garden

In 2005, marked the beginning of Dawn’s Garden.

The monument represents a living textbook on change. Flowers are planted and cultivated by the students. Sunflowers, holly hocks and even dandelions bloom and die with the seasons. The garden serves as a beautiful back drop for the stars of our project.

Angel, our leading tortoise lady, lives in the tortoise habitat and will watch change come and go year after year. She will live 100 years so change to her will seem very slow and methodical.

In contrast, our butterfly will have 3 weeks of metamorphosis and one beautiful and glorious week of life.

The garden, like the Disney movie The Lion King, will clearly depict the “Circle of Life”. Our teachers will use this living textbook to teach our children about life. We, as parents, from this experience will learn to better embrace the changes that come with our lives.

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