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The Birkin Bag

The famous Hermes Birkin bag is another well-known Hermes design, which was introduced after Jane Birkin spoke to the marketing director of Hermes complaining about the “Kelly” bag for its difficulty to open. It was first made in Paris in 1984 and later that year was launched in the U.S. Since that U.S. launch, Hermes has sold thousands of Hermes Birkin bags in the U.S. The design of the Birkin Bag, especially its unique closure, lock, key and shape, are strongly associated with Hermes.

The Birkin Bag arrived in Las Vegas May 12, 2005. The purchase order had been placed spiritually by Marie Simms, but arrived by Federal Express.

Since the bag was from Marie, it naturally came with detailed instructions.

First, it was to be donated to a worthy charity.

The Nathan Adelson Hospice was an excellent choice. They make such a fine effort to help people and their families deal with the physical as well as the emotional pain of approaching the door to the other side.

The participation of many Las Vegas residents and longtime family friends, such as, Phyllis Mc Guire, was perfect. Also, new Simms family friends, such as Trina Pascal would add to the moment. Marie wanted to be proud of the event as she planned to attend.

Secondly, Marie wanted me to congratulate the eventual winner (Sharon Jenkins). She wanted to tell the winner that on her weekly celestial shopping trips she continues to find the bag to be in great earthly demand. Sharon should be proud of her Hermes bag and wear it in the spirit that it was given.

We should be thankful to the Nathan Adelson Hospice and the work that they do. We should also be proud of the event that took place at Phyllis’ home. Thank you, Phyllis, for sharing with us your amazing collection of couture gowns.

I feel blessed to have the Simms Family Foundation on board with the Nathan Adelson Hospice.

Douglas Simms


4141 University Center Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 938-3910