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Sock Drive 2014

Grace Ministries provides meals and clothing to those in need. My family and I pitched in at one of their events and provided hundreds of new socks for distribution to their clients.Derfelt Elementary School and Mr. Mike Bauder support our sock drive with enthusiasm...

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Sock Drive 2013

We did it! The Simms Foundation hit an all time high! This year we were able to collect and distribute 10,136 pairs of socks to those in need in our Valley! For starters, let's all remember why this Sock Drive even exists... Dawn Marie Simms started this project in...

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Sock Drive 2012

Well, another year has come and gone, but not without our annual tradition! We donated over 7,000 pairs of socks this year to local organizations who service our Las Vegas community. The recipients this year included Matthew's Closet, Women's Resource Center,...

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Sock Drive 2011

8,435 pairs of socks went to those in need in the Las Vegas Valley and Washington state. Locally, the recipients were The Women's Resource Center, Safe House, 3 Square, Poverello House, Child Haven and WestCare Healthy Families. In Washington, Tri-City Mission...

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Sock Drive 2010

Thank you, thank you To all of our friends! We welcome a new year As 2010 ends. It was a lot of hard work, But we filled every box. You did a nice thing With your donation of socks! Thousands were bought, sorted, collected! With your help A community was much more...

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