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Vegas PBS Channel 10 - Viewer Comments Print E-mail

Date:   8-21-2001

Dear Sir/Madam:

Hello! About a month ago, I discovered "Lydia's Italian Table" on Channel 10. After the program, I always noticed an annoucment that the program is sponsored in part by the The SIMMS Foundation. Every week I see the black and white photograph of a beautiful woman and girl with a beaming smile. So I got curious and logged onto your website. Thank You for the fabulous photo! Are there more you you can post on the website? Even though I do not know any of the Simms family or their history, I enjoy photographs from when Las Vegas wasn't crowded, commercialized city it is now. I also love the photos from 1945 of Marie and Chester - they look glamourous! It gives me a peak into a special time in the world that I am too young to have been a part of, but still very curious about.

As a KLVX viewer, I appreciate the Simms Family for bringing shows such as "Lydia's Italian Table" to my television. Thank You!

Paula Morrison


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