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Sock Drive 2006 Print E-mail

Dawn Marie Simms' Annual Memorial Sock Drive 2006


Candy, Darlene and Jennifer from Westcare Healthy Families December 2006

It is with great excitement that we announce the collection and distribution of 3,158 pairs of socks this holiday season!  We had set our goal for this year at 2,000 pairs, so this outpouring of your support is beyond words.  Thank you does not seem to be adequate, but we do - Thank You!

Greg and Sharon Volunteers for Poverello House accepting Sock donation Dec 2006

The organizations who received our socks this year were:  The Salvation Army; Westcare Healthy Families; Poverello House; Matthew's Closet; and Women's Resource Medical Center (  As in the past, these worthy organizations were more then pleased to receive our gifts, and we pass along their thanks to all you who helped.

Mary, Volunteer for Matthews Closet December 2006

We want to take this opportunity to thank the following companies/organizations for their support this year:

Dr. Nelson and Mrs. Karen Lasiter and staff
Dr. Derrek Yelton and staff
St. Joseph Husband of Mary's Religious Education Department
St. Joseph Husband of Mary's Outreach Committee
The Women of St. Joseph Committee
The parents and teachers at Creative Kids (Ft. Apache and Sahara location)
The employees and management team at The Gap Store #820 (Rampart Commons)
Target (Flamingo and the 215)

Flexicon Corp.


Salvation Army Pick Up for Sock Drive 2006

In addition, there were many individuals without whom this sock collection could not have happened.  Let us recognize these very generous and caring people.

Ms. Devin Rojas and family
Mrs. Kathleen Williams
Mrs. Pat Sullivan
Mrs. Carol Goodrow
Ms. Aissa Roggan
Mrs. Carol Sulikowski and friends
Mrs. Sarah McIntyre
Ms. Patty Devine
Mrs. Corin Shaw
Sister Barbara Marie Cady
Mrs. Fran Schor
Ms. Kara Killorin
Ms. Pat Maroni and Mr. Glen Goodrow
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stover
Mrs. Lonnie Ficucel
Mr. Jason Carressa

Truck from Salvation Army Pick Up for Sock Drive 2006

2007 will bring many challenges to all of us, but supplying a basic need, such as socks to those who are in need will not be one of them.  We are confident that we will be able to continue Dawn's work and hope that we will be able to count on you again for your support in the coming year. 

Women's Resource Center Linda, Julie and Sally December 13, 2006

From all of us at The Simms Foundation, Happy New Year!

October 1, 2006
Sock Drive Update

We are so pleased to announce that we are exceeding our expectations for this year, and we would like to take this opportunity to give some recognition.

Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Lasiter for allowing us to use their office as a drop off location for socks, and for their continued support.

Thank you to Creative Kids on Fort Apache for allowing us to use their facility as a drop off location during the month of September.

Thank you to The Gap, Store #820, at Rampart Commons for allowing us to collect socks at their store for the month of October.  Donations can be directed to the Manager on Duty.

Thank you to St. Joseph Husband of Mary Religious Education Dept. for getting their students and teachers involved in collecting socks for us.

Thank you to Kamisha Holloway at Target on Flamingo and the 215, for their support.  Target donated a $50 gift card to the Foundation and we were able to buy many socks with that donation.

Thank you to Annabelle's Fine Stationery for all their hard work and for their contribution to our drive

We have nearly 2,000 pairs of socks as of this update.  We will continue to collect socks and donations until Thanksgiving. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Sock Drive, please feel free to contact us. 


Dawn Marie Simms' Annual Memorial Sock Drive - 2006

It was the vision of Dawn Marie, over 17 years ago, that started our sock drive tradition. She was touched by the thoughtfulness of an elderly physician who ran a similar sock drive in the Detroit area. After Dawn Marie and her husband found out that the doctor had suffered a stroke and could not continue his sock drive, it was decided that they would continue his community service, only here, in our Valley.

Dawn Marie succumbed to cancer in July of 1999, and now, in her memory and in tribute to her giving spirit, we want to continue with the work that meant so much to her.

We are collecting NEW socks - in all sizes. Remember, poverty and misfortune do not discriminate. We give the socks to people of all ages, from infants to adults. We collect baby booties, baby socks, baby shoes, children's socks and slippers, women's socks and hosiery, and men's athletic socks.

We are also accepting monetary donations. You can make your check payable to The Simms Foundation and reference "Sock Drive" in your check memo area. 100% of your donations will be used to purchase socks, and will not be used on any administrative costs incurred. The Foundation will mail you a tax receipt for your contribution.

The socks are distributed in early December to the needy in our Las Vegas Valley through the following organizations: The Salvation Army; Women's Resource Center; Poverello House; West Care Healthy Families; and Matthew's Closet.

Last year we collected nearly 1,400 pairs of socks. To date, we have collected 1,520 pairs! We are confident that with your support, this will be a banner year!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have taken a particular shine to our cause and are out there really spreading our message. They are: Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Lasiter, The Rojas family, Mrs. Carol Goodrow, Mrs. Carol Sulikowski, and the St. Joseph Husband of Mary Church Outreach Program.

We would also like to thank those who have already contributed to our 2006 drive:
Mrs. Carol Goodrow, Mr. Jason Caressa, Mr. and Mrs. David Gill, Ms. Devin Rojas, Mrs. Sarah McIntyre, Ms. Patricia Donan, Ms. Kara Killorin, and Mrs. Fran Schor.

For more information, you can contact our Sock Drive Chairwomen, Mrs. Sally Devine or Mrs. Karen Lasiter. Mrs. Devine can be reached at or (702) 768-0381 and Mrs. Lasiter can be reached at or (702) 798-1987. Please reference "Sock Drive" in your e-mail memo.

Thanks for your support!

The SIMMS Foundation




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